CEZ ESCO handed over electric cars to Prague

Dopravní podnik hl. Prague (DPP) will use ten electric vehicles in regular traffic for three years. The cars were handed over to Karel Gillar, CEO and chairman of DPP, on 12 December  byKamil Čermák, CEO of CEZ ESCO.

“Electromobility is becoming more and more an integral part of urban transport. The main reason for the introduction of electromobility is the zero production of local emissions and thus the reduction of the local ecological burden. An emphasis on traffic ecology is absolutely natural for our business, “said Martin Gillar, CEO and Chairman of the DPP Board, and added:

“According to our strategic priorities, we have included the development of electromobility and in-house traffic, so now we will try a few electric vehicles in real-life traffic, with the intention of gradually changing the conventional reference vehicles for electromobiles in larger numbers.”

“We are honored to see that a metropolitan transport company is making the first major step towards electrifying its automobile park, and thus promoting electric cars as a model for other public transport operators. As an established and largest player in domestic electromobility, we are pleased to make our experience available and use long-term cooperation with automakers, which enables us to integrate vehicles into corporate and municipal fleets under exciting conditions, “says Kamil Čermák, CEO of CEZ ESCO.

Zdroj: ČEZ, Martin Schreier
14.December 2017