Czech journalists practiced a safe ride in Most

AUTODROM MOST, in cooperation with the Central Automobile Club (ÚAMK), has prepared for journalists in October an experience program on polygon training areas focused on road safety and car preparation for the winter season. It consisted of theory and practical part under the supervision of an experienced autodrome instructor.

Journalists have learned how to get the best cars for the winter, when and where winter tires are required, how to pick them correctly and timing their shifts, and what lures waiting for drivers this winter abroad. They also met the test results of winter and year-round tires.

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In the practical part, under the supervision of specialists, they tried to drive the vehicle with a simulated eye defect when passing slalom from cones. On the sliding surface behind the wheel experienced differences in the behavior of a car with new winter tires or a combination of old and new tires.

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In the end, they convinced what was happening in the cabin of the car in emergency braking with a good and poorly loaded cargo at a speed of 90 kilometers per hour. They could consult their expertise on the spot with the expert on the passive safety of TÜV SÜD certification company Martin Škopek and a doctor from the Prague Eye Clinic DuoVize Kateřina Pulchartová.

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Zdroj: Autodrom Most, Jan Foukal
30.October 2017