Czech record: LPG car has traveled 433 km for one tank

LPG cars boast a new entry in the Czech Book of Records. SEAT Altea XL 1.6 has managed to travel 433 kilometers for full LPG tank. The record attempt took place on Wednesday, October 22, under the supervision of a Commissioner of the Czech Agency Hello.

Record ride took 8 hours and 4 minutes. In the morning, the vehicle in front of the headquarters of the South Moravian company Flaga, refueled full tank of LPG and then it shot up to nearly 50 kilometers long circuit around Palava region.

When driving, two drivers ride the car, they toured the circuit almost nine times and spent on it more than 8 hours to empty  SEAT’s LPG tank.

Rekord LPG 3
Zdroj: FLAGA
29.October 2014