Daimler could face further diesel recalls

Daimler could face further recalls related to manipulated diesel engines in some of its Mercedes-Benz compact models, weekly magazine Der Spiegel said on Friday, without citing sources.
Germany’s transportation regulator KBA is currently investigating suspicious software used in some small diesel engines that Daimler bought from Renault, the report said.

German business paper Handelsblatt said the engines under suspicion were used in Mercedes A and B class models but not in Smart cars that share a Renault platform.

Renault denies that the engines were rigged and says engine management software the units it delivered to Daimler was programed by Mercedes engineers, the paper said..

Daimler declined to comment on the report, but said it had previously made clear that, due to the emissions cheating scandal, it could not rule out the possibility of further KBA recall orders.

German prosecutors in September fined Daimler almost $1 billion for using illegal diesel-manipulation techniques.

Zdroj: KBA
3.December 2019