Diesel driving bans: here is the solution!

In Hamburg, Germany’s first diesel driving ban was introduced on 31.05.2018. For this reason, car drivers have many questions: Is my vehicle affected? How can I avoid the driving ban and how do I reach my destination despite it? The answers are available on the free Green-Zones App.

Once you have downloaded the application on your mobile phone, all information about areas with traffic restrictions can be checked during the journey!

In Hamburg, two roads are affected which, in turn, have different access rights. In Stresemanstraße, only trucks with EURO 0-5 diesel engines are excluded from traffic, diesel and petrol cars are still allowed to drive without restrictions. In the Max-Brauer-Allee, however, passenger cars with diesel engines are also affected by the driving ban. Hamburg’s decision broke the ice and more and more cities are seriously considering introducing diesel driving bans, including Cologne, Düsseldorf, Stuttgart and Berlin.

That is why Green-Zones, as a service provider in the field of European environmental zones, offers with its app the most current information not only on Hamburg, but also on the planned area with traffic restrictions in Stuttgart, and on all European environmental zones where the badge is mandatory.

For this reason, Green-Zones has already received numerous awards from the international commercial traffic (logistics and bus companies) and from the tourism industry. Furthermore, the app, has been voted one of the 5 most innovative travel apps in Europe earlier this year.

In addition to Germany, Denmark, Austria, Belgium and France are also included in the app. Another 5 countries will follow in 2018. In all these countries, environmental badges must be purchased or vehicles must be registered before entering the environmental zones. The app shows the exact regulations, interactive maps with the boundaries of the environmental zones and the daily updated entry status of each badge and zone. Therefore, the Green-Zones App offers a user-oriented solution to the patchwork of European environmental zones.

Zdroj: Green Zones
8.June 2018