Ford celebrates 300,000 cars sold in the CR

Czech FORD MOTOR COMPANY celebrated three hundred thousand personal and light commercial vehicles sold in the Czech Republic through an official dealer network since 1991. The success of the company was celebrated in the Prague restaurant Portfolio last week.

“In 1991, Ford entered the Czech market with an official sales office registered as a natural person, which was later transformed into s.r.o company. For over twenty seven years, Ford has sold more than 300,000 cars on the Czech market, of which about 225,000 are passenger cars and over 76,000 vans. While in total car sales since the early 1990s, Ford is third, and the number of commercial vehicles is clearly the number one in the Czech market of LUVs, “said company CEO Jan Laube.

Jan Laube

Jan Laube

The most common registered models with blue oval in the last twenty-seven years have been Ford Transit (more than 62,000 cars), the Ford Fiesta (around 55,000), the Ford Focus (over 53,000) and the Ford Mondeo (over 35,000).

Zdroj: TK Ford
13.November 2017