Goodyear sponsores Czech football

The Football Association of the Czech Republic has begun working with the world-wide manufacturer of Goodyear tires for at least the next two years. The American Goodyear tire manufacturer has become the official partner of the Czech football team.

Czech football has entrusted tire care to its Professionals and Goodyear brand in its car fleet.

“We are glad to join forces with such a strong brand that Goodyear undoubtedly is and at the same time, we believe that our continued collaboration will be beneficial to our fleet. Goodyear, of course, want to show us that we are also a strong partner, and that we can then develop our cooperation to a mutual satisfaction, “said Goodyear branding partner Martin Malík, chairman of the FA VČR.

Thanks to this cooperation, not only Goodyear tires will be assembled for all of their vehicles but will also have solved logistics of regular summer and winter tires, including storage, thanks to Goodyear’s cooperation with Tire Logistics, the largest logistics center in the Czech Republic. Tire service will be comprehensive and Czech football can rely on the highest possible quality of services related to it.

Zdroj: Temper, Luboš Spálovský
10.May 2018