Hyundai wants to sell 22,000 cars in the CR

Hyundai Motor Czech invited the motorcar journalists to Hyundai Brand Experience Center on Tuesday, February 13, 2018. The brand’s leaders evaluated the past year 2017, showing plans and product news for 2018.

The brand sold 21,400 vehicles last year, up 4% ytoy. The share of the 8.7% market for passenger cars was awarded by 3rd place after Škoda and VW.

In his presentation, company director Vladimir Vošický talked about the topic of special registrations. Among other things, he said:

“The statistics of car registrations in the Czech Republic are so embarrassed that they can not recognize anything at all. The number that is in the statistics does not match the number of cars bought by Czechs and Czech companies for the purpose of operation. The situation is already so terrible that 150,000 were probably sold in the Czech Republic in the last year, instead of the announced 272,000 cars. ”

Hyundai sál
Zdroj: Hyundai Motor Czech Press Conference
18.February 2018