Maserati starts exhibition in Arcady

Italian car brand Maserati dominates Prague’s Arkády Pankrác store, an exhibition of its cars will run until September 27th. The exhibition is titled “Captivated by Maserati” and visitors can look forward to an interesting journey through the history of the carmaker.

Both historic Maserati and current production cars will be seen. For example, the masterpiece of the Maserati 3500 GT or Maserati MC 12 supercar will be introduced. There will be also Ghibli or Khamsin cars.

The official dealer of Maserati Scuderia Prague will present contemporary and historic cars within the exhibition. Fans of cars with mythical Neptune’s trident can thus look forward to the Maserati Merak, produced from 1972 to 1983, alongside the 3500 GT. Indy and Maserati Mistral, both of the seventies, will be part of the show.

Maserati Arkády vsýatav web
Zdroj: Scuderia
7.September 2017