Mazda another brand of UniCredit Leasing

Mazda Finance became the new brand of UniCredit Leasing in November. Cooperation between the companies includes not only entire Czech, but also the Slovak market, where UniCredit Leasing has become the exclusive provider of branded financing.
In addition to funding Mazda cars to individual customers under the Mazda Finance, the co-operation will also include financing of regional dealer inventories in both countries.

” Our long-term strategy is to just develop brand-financing , where we have the opportunity to work closely with importers. Thanks to personal approach to individual brands, we can better understand the needs of our clients and therefore we manage to fulfill our long-term vision. We are successful in attracting new cooperations. In the near future we plan to introduce the first campaign to finance cars Mazda,” said Jaroslav Jaroměřský , Vice Chairman and CSO of UniCredit Leasing.

2.December 2013