Prague’s Transport Expo in November

TRANSPORT EXPO 2016 will present commercial vehicles, trucks and buses in Prague in November. What will be seen at PVA Letnany Expo area?

The organizaers will also present the manufacturers and service providers whose activities are related to road transport.

These include manufacturers and suppliers of tires, vehicle parts, oils and lubricants, equipment repair and service equipment, leasing and other financial services, insurance, vehicles and transport, but also the most advanced area of ​​alternative drives from LPG, CNG, LNG to hybrids and electric.

“The exhibition will thus present the best of what the current market offers, along with the latest trends and future developments. This area will also be an accompanying program that offers a series of lectures and conferences not only for experts. Rich program will be provided also for the general public, such as the opportunity to try a range of exhibits in the practice or to become direct participants in the publication of expert polls,” the organizers promised.

Daimler_bus_ICOM November 2015
Zdroj: Transport Expo
15.August 2016