RETRO CLASSICS breaks all the records

Exhibitors and dealers from the most famous and prestigious makes in the world, more than 800 journalists and 90,000 visitors from Germany and abroad visited Stuttgart Trade Fair Centre.

This year, the 16th RETRO CLASSICS won the hearts and attracted the attention of experts and consumers once again, and was able to maintain its leading position as Europe’s greatest classic car exhibition (certified by the Society for the Voluntary Control of Fair and Exhibition Statistics [FKM]).

In brilliant sunshine, more than 90,000 trade visitors and members of the public as well as over 800 journalists came to Stuttgart for RETRO CLASSICS 2016. That’s significantly more than in the anniversary year 2015 – and is a record attendance figure.

The entire exhibition space of 125,000 square metres, including eight halls together with the open spaces, was sold out, and more than 1,550 exhibitors displayed their automobile treasures. Presenting the concept of high-quality exhibits in all price categories, including many rare vehicles, in a modern ambience and incorporated into a varied supporting programme was very well received according to Karl Ulrich Herrmann, organiser of RETRO CLASSICS. Bookings and reservations for the coming RETRO CLASSICS exhibitions have already been taken; the dates for the coming years are:

From 2 to 5 March in 2017, and 22 to 25 March 2018 – so it’s always before Easter! From 2018, the new Hall 10 with an additional 14,000 square metres will also be available to RETRO CLASSICS as an exhibition space.

Karl Ulrich Herrmann expresses his appreciation, pride and happiness that RETRO CLASSICS has ‘secured its current place as one of the most important platforms on the whole classic-car scene’. He also emphasised: ‘A great deal of effort was put into maintaining this position as the top performer, and RETRO CLASSICS continues to consolidate and strengthen its leading position year after year – a rare quality, which is partly thanks to the exhibitors, whose commitment cannot be commended enough.’ In addition, he mentioned the increases in value of the historical vehicles and the rising global demand: ‘Where passion reigns, then will, enthusiasm and zeal always lead to success.’

This success is also reflected in the proportion of international visitors, which has increased to over 13%. It is also of great significance that around 70% of the visitors asked already own a classic car and more than 20% wish to purchase one or several classic cars. In addition, 45% of the people surveyed had bought, ordered or reserved something at RETRO CLASSICS. At 7%, the level of investment was even more than EUR 100,000.

In this way, RETRO CLASSICS provides impressive proof once again of its special role as an important marketplace among classic car enthusiasts. The average stay of 5.4 hours confirms the high standard of the entertaining exhibition, and means that RETRO CLASSICS ranks among the top trade fairs.


‘RETRO CLASSICS gave us the chance to present our battery technology for the first time, and the exhibition surpassed all our expectations. We were able to sign some great contracts.’

Dr Marek Skreta, Olife Energy

‘We were delighted at the enthusiasm with which the audience received our short presentation about the museum. For four whole days, we were carried along on a huge wave of support. The idea of raising our museum’s profile here in Stuttgart was a great success.’

Ronald A. Kooyman, Louwman Museum

‘Wherever you look, there are great cars and stimulating presentations. We’ve expanded at RETRO CLASSICS year after year, and that’s been really worthwhile for us. We were able to make some great sales – even though there are a great number of historical Porsches here.’

Christoph Schlagenhauf, Boxer Motor & Klassische Automobile

‘Even more fantastic than last year – we found customers for almost all our vehicles, which is really unique for a trade fair. So we’ll certainly be participating again next year.’

Bernd G. Werndl, ArabellaClassics

‘We brought a small, exclusive range of extraordinary Italian sports cars and were met with an expert audience who were eager to buy. So we’re returning to Italy with far fewer cars and have already booked our stand for the coming years.’

Dario Belloli, Silvauto

‘This was already our second time at the exhibition in Stuttgart, and it really paid off. There is considerable interest, we were able to make some great deals and many of the interested parties will be coming to us in Hamburg and Berlin within the next few days.’

Mike Tetzlaff, Thiesen Automobile Raritäten

‘The popularity of Porsche models seems to be undiminished. As does the interest in our brand presentation. We were also very pleased to receive a visit from Dr Porsche and other personalities associated with our brand.’

Achim Stejskal, Porsche Museum

‘RETRO CLASSICS delights us time and again. Outstanding transport connections, great infrastructure, excellent support, wonderful wines, great cuisine – and then there are the interested expert visitors who become customers. I was really impressed, and we’ll be there again in the next few years.’

Axel Schütte, Axel Schuette fine cars

24.March 2016