Scuderia launches a Maserati campaign

Scuderia Praha, the official dealer of Maserati and Ferrari in the Czech Republic, is launching a new advertising campaign. Its goal is to promote brand excellence as well as to increase sales of the Maserati Levante and Ghibli models, including the communication of their main strengths.

Premium cars, and the Maserati brand in particular, are not for everyone. This insight also uses the key idea of ​​a campaign that has become a simple motto “Me and Others”.

“We have decided to dramatize the exceptional Maserati brand, targeting extraordinary people. For those who decide, manage and can afford what others can not, “explains Maserati’s marketing manager Jan Svoboda in the Czech Republic.

Martin Kermes, NMDS strategist in the campaign, adds: “The Trio is a symbol of government over life, that is, of its own decisions and actions. If I can act freely, I can be the owner of Maserati. ”

The campaign employs three main media – communication on bigboards, media and online advertising using both brand videos and performance formats targeted through programmatic purchases.

“The campaign is built on two key motives. The imagery, where the trident is complemented by provocative headlines, complements the product part, which is a celebration of details and parameters of a particular model with action price communication, “adds Svoboda.

The creative concept of the campaign was prepared by the NMDS boutique agency, which was provided by Propaganda and Indigo Multimedia. The media purchase was shared by Mediainvestments (bigboards, print) and RedMedia (on-line).

Zdroj: Scuderia Praha
8.February 2018