The CR has produced nearly 950,000 vehicles

A total of  945,780 motor vehicles were produced in the Czech Republic this year, AutoSAP reported. The passenger cars approached the millionth border (940,536). An extra year-on-year increase was recorded in the manufacture of trucks (+ 40%). More buses were produced than in the same period last year.

AutoSAP President Bohdan Wojnar said: “Production in the automotive industry in August has boomed after holiday breaks. Production in the first eight months of this year exceeds production in the same period last year by 5.7%. This result is the result of a strong domestic and foreign demand for vehicles supported by the growing consumption of households as well as by the investment activity of companies that allow fleet renewal to increase profitability. This is also reflected in the registrations of new passenger cars, which increased in August, as in Germany and in the new EU member states. ”

Bohdan Wojnar

Bohdan Wojnar

Zdroj: AutoSAP, Miroslav Konvalina
20.September 2017