Topolová heads AAA AUTO for five years

The General Meeting of AAA AUTO confirmed five years ago, in September 2012, the position of CEO Karolina Topolová. With this change, the company started the steps leading to the later sale of Abris Capital Partners.

Topolova stood at the launch of AAA AUTO’s new strategy to strengthen customer focus. The company has upgraded its subsidiaries and has pledged to develop additional services. Following these changes in 2014, the successful sale of AAA AUTO’s majority share in the value of more than six billion crowns followed. Karolina Topolová has been one of the biggest acquisitions in recent years.

“Jubilee in my post reminded me that time is really flying and it is important not to stand. I am genuinely glad to have made positive changes in AAA AUTO, especially in access to customer service and retention. But we are far from finished and customers can look forward to further innovation, “said Karolina Topolova.

Karolína Topolová (2014)

Karolína Topolová (2014)

Zdroj: AAA Auto
26.October 2017