Toyota’s European plants to remain closed until April 20

Toyota said it would extend a production suspension at all of its factories in Europe, with the exception of Russia, until further notice. The plants are not expected to resume output until April 20 at the earliest, Toyota said.

The measure was necessary because of the acceleration of the coronavirus in European countries and the associated lockdown measures taken by authorities, the automaker in a news release on Monday.

An uncertain short-term sales outlook and difficulties in logistics and supply chains that will increase in the next weeks also contributed to the decision, the automaker said.

Processes and projects essential to a smooth re-start and to the future activity of the plants, such as new vehicle projects, will be maintained with necessary staff, Toyota said.

Toyota has closed dealerships in countries with lockdowns, except for servicing and repairs of key vehicles, such as public safety vehicles.
With the spread of the coronavirus pandemic, Toyota had suspended production from mid-March in France, Britain, the Czech Republic, Poland, Turkey and Portugal.

Zdroj: Toyota Europe
31.March 2020