VW expects car market to recover in summer

Volkswagen expects the car market in Germany to recover in the summer after the automaker was forced to suspend output due to the coronavirus pandemic.

“We assume that Germany will return to normal in the summer,” VW brand’s sales and marketing chief, Juergen Stackmann, told the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung.

Stackmann said he did not expect the virus to disappear again quickly but added: “The standstill cannot last longer than summer. Society and the economy cannot withstand that.”

“We must learn how to live with the virus,” he said in the interview published on Wednesday.
The Chinese market has already started to pick up, Stackmann told the paper.

VW is looking into new rules to ensure factory workers can keep their distance from each other on the production line, Stackmann said.

One of the lessons from the crisis was the need to invest more in e-commerce. VW had already launched initiatives in online car trading that it would now accelerate, he said.

Jürgen Stackmann

Zdroj: VW
26.March 2020